Class size is limited so first come first served!  We are going to have a limited amount of summer classes and all classes are free and include supplies.

You can sign up either by filling out the online form or by sending an email to:

Can you see nature's beauty in painted flowers?

Ages 10 and up, July 13



Acrylic painting on canvas taught by Shirley Cooper. Supplies provided. Learn the basics of painting with acrylics. (mixing, strokes, brushes, techniques, and unique touches)

What do beaches and birds mean to you?

Ages 10 and up, July 13



We will explore special brush strokes, color, and  hints to create a masterpiece.

What’s in a Line?

Ages 7-10, July 14



Discover ways to use line to create interesting artwork! Work with paints and brushes, mix colors, and learn to name several types of lines used in art.

You can paint on anything!

Ages 10-up, July 15



We will paint on a tin bucket using acrylics. We can create many designs and geometric figures to produce beauty and color.

Bursting Open: Relief Paper Folding Sculpture

Ages 9-12, July 15


Explore folding paper and create dramatic relief sculptures by combining the folded units.

Totem Poles are expressions of cultural history and traditions.

Ages 10-up, July 16

1:00pm- 3:00pm


We will tell a story of native people by drawing and painting birds, animals, snakes, feathers, faces, and plants  on totem poles.

Keith Haring Style Line Drawings

Ages 9-12, July 16



Line and color create dramatic graphics when you combine understanding of positive and negative space!

What’s a Zentangle?

Ages 7-10, July 17


Create doodle designs using a black pen and your imagination!

Starfish Ornament

Ages 8 and up, July 17


Have fun and learn about the world of mosaic art by creating this special ornament with a starfish as its center!

Paint the Town: Yorktown Onion, Yorktown Monument

Ages 10-up, July 20



Things special to Yorktown are good subjects for unique historicmasterpieces. It can make you feel that you are in the middle of the siege.

Give Honor to Our Flag!

Ages 10 and up, July 21


The class will paint a special red, white, and blue flag-eagle-monument painting.

Fairy Houses: Shaped from Modeling Clay

Ages 7-10, July 21


Learn the basics of hand building while creating a fairy house.

Birds, Birds, Birds

Ages 7 and up, July 22



Birds are special. We can show them flying, diving, perching, nesting, and eating.

Thumbnail Sketches: Using them to Design an Artwork

Ages 12 and up, July 22


Experiment with the rules of design and see how dramatically an artwork can improve when you plan ahead with thumbnail sketches!

What’s Bugging You?

Ages 9-12, July 23



Study the anatomical structure of an insect and create accurate, detailed drawings.

Abstract Fractal Painting - plants, trees, flowers

Ages 10 and up, July 23



"As a math teacher, I want you to understand the mathematics of nature. Perfect proportions, repeating images, even and odd numbers. We will create a poster with color, fractals, and simplicity."

-Shirley Cooper

No More Lollipop Trees

Ages 7-12, July 24


Investigate how mathematical scale and size can help draw a tree and create proportion.

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