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Garden Perspectives



1st pl.  “Bromeliad Blue Rain” by David W. Allen

2nd pl. “Front Porch” by Paula Dooley

3rd pl.    “My Happy Place” by Terry Cox-Joseph

Hon. Ment.  “Garden Shed” by Jeanne Damron



1st pl.  “Mysteria” by Nancy Foray

2nd pl.  “Enchanted Garden” by Linda Harrison

3rd pl.  “Chrysanthemum Jasper” by Jim Harrison

Hon. Ment.  “Fluorite” by Jim Harrison



1st pl.  “Color Match” by Archie Fripp

2nd pl.  “Her Heart a Secret Garden” by Jean Fripp

3rd pl.  “Bird of Paradise” by Shirley Whitenack

Hon. Ment.  “Iridescence” by Shirley Whitenack


3D Sculpture

1st pl. “For the Birds” by Lisa Trichel-Beavers

2nd pl.  “Fruit in the Garden” by Shirley Cooper

3rd pl.  “At the Farm” by Sue Legault

Hon. Ment. “Two Fuddie-Duddies” by Joanne Cotton-Redlin


Sponsors Choice

“Chime Garden” by Kathy Wahl

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