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  • I want to bring new items, what should I do then?"
    If you are bringing different sizes and or different media artworks, you have to place them upstairs for review.
  • How long my artwork could be exhibited?
    The time limit is every three months to follow the seasons.
  • I want to take home my items from the gallery. What should I do?
    You are free to take your items at any time you just need to sign them out. We would hope that you would not remove your item to sell to someone who has seen it in the gallery. You can also replace your item with another of the same size and subject matter.
  • What happened if my art work displayed longer than supposed time?
    Unless there are extenuated circumstances we would hope you would exchange your paintings. If not you will be notified and if you ignore the request your painting can become the property of On the Hill Gallery.
  • What Should I do trying to exhibit my art work for the first time at the gallery?
    Any person who wish to exhibit art work in The On the Hill Gallery has to become a member of Yorktown Arts foundation. You can download and print Membership application from HERE. Once completed, you can mail it to On the Hill Gallery, PO BOX 657, Yorktown, VA, 23690, or drop it off at On the Hill Gallery, 402 Main Street, Yorktown, VA. The Membership will be processed after paying applicable fees.
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